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Real-life stories

We’re here for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities, young carers and families. Here are some of their stories.


A child walking while holding a lunch bag.
Real-life stories
23 Nov 2023

Chloe’s story

Read about Chloe's journey at our Basingstoke Nursery.

Asher and her parents are photographed together. They are at an event.
Real-life stories
9 Oct 2023

Asher’s story

Asher is 18 years old, has autism and a Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) profile. Read her story.

Joseph and Rachel are photographed together. Rachel is standing behind Joseph, both hands on his shoulders. They are smiling.
Real-life stories
9 Oct 2023

Joseph and Rachel’s story

Joseph has attended our Hayward Playground for over ten years. His mum, Rachel, shares their story.

Hamza is crouched on the floor, playing with trucks in a sand tray.
Real-life stories
9 Oct 2023

Hamza’s story

Hamza is three years old and attends the Kids Family Group in Birmingham. Read his story.

Three children are sitting around a kids table with a staff member. They are pretending to have lunch with toys.
Real-life stories
9 Oct 2023

Zack, Zayn and Zander’s story

Hear from Emma, whose three boys have gone to our Kids Family Centre Nursery in Birmingham. 

A child is photographed from behind, hugging a staff member who is kneeling on the floor.
Real-life stories
9 Oct 2023

Zach’s story

Zach is four years old and has ASD, GDD, sensory issues and learning difficulties. Read his story.

A girl is photographed from the side. She is putting a fake baby into a baby bathtub.
Real-life stories
5 Oct 2023

Freya’s story

Freya has suspected ASD and sensory difficulties. Her parents Natalie and Ayrton reached out to Kids for support.

A child is playing with sensory toys at Basingstoke Nursery.
Real-life stories
5 Oct 2023

Oliver’s story

Oliver is three years old and shows signs of autism. His dad, Josh, talks about how Oliver has grown since attending our Family Group in Birmingham.

Children are sitting on the floor. Lights are projected on the ground for them to look at.
Real-life stories
5 Oct 2023

Logan’s story

Logan is three years old and attended the Kids Family Group from January-March 2023. His mum Lisa writes about his development during that time.

A child is photographed from behind, playing with sensory toys on a table.
Real-life stories
5 Oct 2023

Isacc’s story

Isacc is four years old and attends our Family Group. His mum, Leanne, tells us about the improvements she's seen in Isacc's communications skills.

Two boys are playing with toys attached to a board on the wall.
Real-life stories
4 Oct 2023

Franco and Luciano’s story

Read about Franco and Luciano, two boys who attended our Basingstoke Nursery.

A staff member is helping a child drink water from a water bottle.
Real-life stories
4 Oct 2023

Aria’s story

Aria has Global Developmental Delay and attends our Birmingham Family Group. Read her story.

Jenson is sitting on a car seat and is holding a blue water bottle.
Real-life stories
13 Aug 2023

Jenson’s story

Jenson is three years old and has just started attending our Kids Family Group. His parent, Rhian, shares their story.

A photo zoomed in on an outdoor play table which contained colourful sensory objects.
Real-life stories
19 Dec 2022

Tommy’s story

Tommy started at Basingstoke Nursery in July 2021, after moving on from another nursery. Read his story.

A woman with blonde hair is photographed from behind. She is blowing bubbles.
Real-life stories
9 Dec 2022

Tammy’s story

Tammy shares how Kids supported her daughter after she was diagnosed with ASD.

There are two play tables of varying heights. Inside there are Legos and other items.
Real-life stories
8 Dec 2022

Faith’s story

Faith has two boys who are autistic. She explains how they have thrived at Kids' Basingstoke Nursery.

News and policy

When the world blocks children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, Kids speaks up. Find out what we’ve been doing recently.


A young girl plays in the rain.
26 Oct 2023

Our new look

Welcome to the new Kids brand. It’s all about positivity and empowerment. Celebrating individuality and speaking up for change.

18 Oct 2023

Kids’ response to the Disability Action Plan 2023-2024

Read our response to the Disability Action Plan. It's all about accessible playgrounds, assistive technology and digital inclusion.

A staff member and a child are standing outside with their arms up in the air. There are water drops falling on them.
11 Oct 2023

Kids Manifesto for Change

Find out where Government action is needed to transform the lives of disabled children and young people.

Photo of a boy's profile. His head is turned slightly to face the camera.
20 Jul 2023

Our position on early years

Read our position statement on early years.

A London Marathon runner is running. She is holding her hands up in the air and is laughing. She is wearing a blue vest with the old Kids logo on it. In the background there are other people running.
26 Apr 2023

Congratulations to our London Marathon runners

Team Kids ran the London Marathon and raised £52,736 for disabled children, young people and their families.

Two women are siting at a table, giving each other a side hug. They are smiling at the camera.
22 Mar 2023

Family Support Online

Find out about our new service for parents and carers of disabled children and young people in England.

A child is smiling at the camera. He has short blond hair and is wearing a blue t-shirt with superhero faces on it.
2 Mar 2023

Our response to the SEND Improvement Plan

The Government's Plan does not begin to match up to the scale of the challenges. Read our full response.

A close-up of two people's hands working on a puzzle. There are puzzle pieces on the table.
17 Nov 2022

Autumn Statement comment from Kids Chief Executive, Katie Ghose

The Government’s decision to increase benefits in line with inflation will provide some relief to families of disabled children currently struggling to cover daily costs.

13 Oct 2022

‘Spend pennies now to save pounds later’

Kids CEO Katie Ghose shares three ways the charity sector can adapt to unprecedented economic changes.

A young person and a staff member are standing with their arms over each other's shoulders. The young person is a wearing a grey t-shirt while the staff member is wearing an orange one. Both are wearing caps.
1 Oct 2022

The Big Give 2022

Help Kids support the mental health and wellbeing of families with disabled children.

A child is standing outside, holding a brown leaf close to his face. He is wearing face paint and glasses.
30 Aug 2022

Summer activities at Kids: 2022 highlights

Find out what children and young people have been up to this summer.

A boy is sitting around a table with a staff member. He is playing with a flat object that is obscured by the light. The staff member is looking at him.
25 Jul 2022

Kids Responds to SEND Review

The current education and support system for children and young people with SEND does not work. The Government needs to build on the SEND reforms of 2014, but this time reforms should be resourced, implemented and enforced.

Three young people are at a Pride parade, holding a giant banner which reads 'Loud Mouths - get your facts straight or don't say owt'. The banner is decorated with colourful elements. In the background there are other people marching.
11 Jul 2022

Kids Loud Mouths group wins another three years of funding

The National Lottery has awarded Kids Yorkshire with three years of funding to continue the incredible work of our Young Person’s Participation Group, Loud Mouths.

Previous Chair Stephen Unwin, CEO Katie Ghose, and current chair Diana Sutton are standing together in front of a red background. They are wearing smart clothes and are smiling.
4 Jul 2022

Kids welcomes new Chair Diana Sutton

Kids is delighted to announce the appointment of Diana Sutton as its new Chair of Trustees.

A staff member and young person are sitting together, drawing something on a piece of paper.
7 Apr 2022

SEND Review: learning from children, young people and their families

Chief Executive Katie Ghose reflects on the Government's SEND review, identifying three areas of interest for Kids.

A child is watering a bush with help from a staff member. There is another child watching them on the right.
11 Mar 2022

Kids’ strategy for 2022-2027

Find out about Kids' new strategy and what it means for disabled children, young people and their families.

Create brighter futures with disabled children

Childhood should be joyful.  Not defined by what disabled children and young people cannot do. That’s wrong.

Kids is on a mission to create a world where all kinds of children and young people have all  kinds of opportunities. Support Kids to create brighter futures with disabled children.