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Chloe’s story

Chloe is four years old. She was diagnosed with global developmental delay at the age of one, followed by autism and epilepsy a few years later. Her mum tells us about their family’s experience at the Kids Basingstoke Nursery.

Getting started at the Nursery

When Chloe was two and a half years old, we decided to look for a nursery with good SEN support. That’s how we found Kids’ Basingstoke Nursery.

When she started she was walking but hadn’t been for very long; she was not saying words and her communication was limited to vague gestures and some babbling. She was also very unsure around other children and would jump or hop in the background of activities.

Chloe’s development

Chloe settled into the nursery very quickly, clearly enjoying her days there, to the point she just couldn’t wait for the reception doors to open! The staff introduced her and myself to Makaton signs which helped her understand my instructions better, and they started the Picture Exchange System which she is now using well for food and drink items at school. They also introduced her to the Autism Attention programme, which is being continued at school. Chloe grew in confidence and cheekiness whilst at the nursery, and found her love of trampettes, bubbles and songs.

Our next steps

The staff were very supportive and proactive in helping us apply for an EHCP, in time for the allocation of places in specialist schools in the area. Chloe got a place in a specialist school where she is now progressing so well in her communication skills. She is seeking interaction with her peers, for example by giving hugs, and her independence is growing so much.

The fantastic start Chloe got at the Kids Nursery, with such knowledgeable and skilled staff, has set her up so well for school. We hope she continues to develop key skills for life whilst enjoying the right educational environment for her needs.

Chloe’s real name was changed.

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