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Zach’s story

Zach is four years old and has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), sensory issues and learning difficulties. His mum, Claire, shares their story.

Getting the right support for Zach

Zach has been attending Kids since he was 11 months old, and the Kids Family Centre Nursery since he was three.

I started using Kids when difficulties were picked up with Zach’s older brother Grayson. He was struggling with settling in at Nursery so the SENCO suggested Kids’ Stay and Play groups, where staff noticed Zach was having difficulties too. They helped get the right support in place for him and made referrals.

How Zach has benefitted from Kids

Zach has loved his time at the Nursery. He is a lot more active now and will communicate by touch. He has developed a wonderful bond with his worker Emma who has been an amazing support for Zach and gone above and beyond to help with any problems we have had. I cannot thank her enough for all her support over the past two years. We will miss her and the Nursery.

Without Kids, Zach would have stayed at home because other nurseries were unable to support his needs. I am so grateful to everyone who has supported us.

I hope Zach will be able to go to a school where he is happy and can build on what he has achieved at Nursery. I also hope he can communicate more and have some independence in the future.

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