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Allie’s story

Allie joined our Nurturing Anchors course to meet other people with neurodivergent children in the naval community.

For Neurodiversity Celebration Week, she explains how the course helped her build confidence and open up about the challenges she’s had to overcome.


My experience with Nurturing Anchors

My name is Allie, I am a wife and mother to four neurodivergent children. I am married to a Submariner who works in the Royal Navy. Two of my children are autistic and two of my children are awaiting ADHD assessments. They’re aged between 9 and 18 years old.

I attended the Nurturing Anchors workshops to feel less alone on this journey of life, and to share and receive advice around neurodiversity. The best part of the course for me was meeting other parents going through the same challenges, and talking about our everyday struggles without feeling judged or pitied.

“Thanks to Nurturing Anchors I’ve become stronger and more confident as a parent/person. It’s made me feel that I can cope using the different strategies that I’ve learned. I’ve also become confident enough to gain employment with Kids.”

My advice for other parents

If you’re considering attending the workshops – definitely do it! Don’t worry or think that you’ll say something wrong. The course is really informative and great for receiving advice and learning strategies you may not already know.

About Nurturing Anchors

The Nurturing Anchors course is designed to empower parent carers of neurodivergent children within the naval community.

This service is run in partnership with the RNRMC and the AFCFT.