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Logan’s story

Logan is three years old and attended the Kids Family Group from January-March 2023. His mum Lisa writes about his development during that time.

How we found Kids

Logan is three years old, has autism and is non-verbal. Before my partner and I adopted him, Logan received Portage in Coventry under the supervision of his foster carer.

As this service was not available in Birmingham, our Health Visitor recommended the Kids Family Group, which is specifically for children with additional needs. We hoped Logan could benefit from attending to help with his development and sensory needs.

What we learned from the Family Group

Together we attended the Kids Family Group from January 2023 to March 2023. During this time, Logan became more aware of people and socialised more. He tried a wide range of activities and can now focus on activities for longer periods of time. Logan’s understanding of instructions has also improved as well as his coping with sensory overload.

I have been very fortunate to attend the Kids Group and have been able to mirror a lot of the activities at home. I have taken in a lot of information which is helping me to support Logan.

By continuing with the advice given by the lovely Kids team, I hope to help Logan further his development and develop his communication skills.

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