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SEND Family Hub

Kids is here to help you give your child the best start in life. With information, workshops, and one-to-one support we’re here for every disabled child – and for you.

What we do

Our SEND Family Hub is all about giving you the information, skills, and support you need to help your child thrive.

Our workshops are small group sessions on a range of topics led by experienced SEND professionals who will answer your questions and give you tips and techniques you can use to support your child.

When you need a little extra help our Family Support Online service provides you with your own personal SEND expert who’ll work with you one-to-one.

And take a look at our guides for bite-size information on a wide range of SEND topics.

Find out more

Family workshops

Our workshops offer expert support tailored to your needs. Get advice and guidance, share your experiences, learn techniques to support your family, and connect with other service families.

Each workshop is a safe and friendly space where you can connect with people who understand where you’re coming from. They are led by experienced SEND professionals, many of whom are parents / carers of disabled or neurodivergent children themselves.

A boy is kneeling in front of a sensory play tray. There is a woman next to him
23 Jul 2024

Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder

Find out about Autism and Sensory Processing Difference, how these affect children, and how to support them.

30 Jul 2024

Autism & ADHD

Explore the differences and similarities between ADHD and Autism and discover strategies to support your child.

A young girl sleeps in a bed
8 Aug 2024

Sleep Support

Explore the science behind sleep, how SEND can impact, and strategies to support a better night’s sleep for you and your child.

A young woman pushes the corners of her mouth up with her hands.
13 Aug 2024


Masking is one of the main characteristics of autism in girls. Find out what masking is and how to support.

A woman and a young boy are at a table drawing
22 Aug 2024

Demand Avoidance

Join our informative workshop designed for parents and caregivers of children with a Demand Avoidance diagnosis

Family Support Online

Navigating the world of SEND can be confusing. Sometimes you need a little extra support. Our Family Support Online service pairs you with an expert SEND practitioner who will work directly with you to help you resolve the issues you’re facing.

From quick one-off help filling in forms to being by your side throughout a tribunal process, our Family Support Online practitioner will be your own personal SEND expert.

Prices for this in-depth personal support start at £30.

SEND Guides

Knowing where to turn for information, advice, and support can be challenging. Check out our guides below for information about SEND and pointers to other services that offer a wide range of support for service families with disabled children.

Understanding SEN

An introduction to Special Educational Needs. What are they? And what support might you be entitled to?

Who's who in SEND

You’ll come across lots of professionals during your SEND journey. Check our Who’s Who to find out what they do.

SEND Glossary

The world of special educational needs and disabilities is full of jargon and abbreviations. Our SEND glossary spells it all out for you.


SEND law in Scotland

Scotland has a distinct approach to SEND support with its own laws and approaches. This Guide introduces the landscape.

School meetings

Attending a meeting about your child at school can be difficult. Find out how to get the most from school meetings.

The Local Offer

Find out about your Local Offer, a directory of SEND services near you.

Understanding Special Educational Needs

Find out about SEN, learning difficulties, and Special Educational Provision.

SEND Glossary

Our jargon buster will help you get to grips with SEND terminology.

Who’s who in SEND

A guide to the titles and roles of various professionals you might come across in your SEND journey.

Create brighter futures with disabled children

Childhood should be joyful.  Not defined by what disabled children and young people cannot do. That’s wrong.

Kids is on a mission to create a world where all kinds of children and young people have all  kinds of opportunities. Support Kids to create brighter futures with disabled children.