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Zack, Zayn and Zander’s story

Hear from Emma, whose three boys have gone to our Kids Family Centre Nursery in Birmingham. 

Meet Zack

All three of my children have gone to Kids. First was Zack, who is five now and goes to a specialist school. He is nonverbal autistic. Zack loved going to Kids, it was great to get him ready for school. The staff are amazing and they helped to get his Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) sorted for school.

Zack has a lot of sensory issues and meltdowns, so to be honest I didn’t expect any nursery to be able to cope with him. How wrong I was. Kids made sure he was safe when he had meltdowns. They always kept him happy and would inform me of any issues. While at the Nursery Zack started making eye contact and communicating with hand leading, which he had never done before.

Meet Zayn

Zayn started the Nursery at four years old. He has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is non-verbal. Zayn is the opposite of Zack, he will shut down rather than have a meltdown. When he started he wouldn’t move from his pillow – he just laid there. The staff would try and encourage him to play but at his own pace.

He’s been there nearly two years and you wouldn’t think he was the same child. Kids have brought him right out of his shell and now there is no stopping him. He loves the Nursery so much and runs in every morning to hug the staff. He has such a good bond with the staff it’s like they are family. I wish he could stay there forever but he is moving on to a specialist school in September.

Meet Zander

My third son Zander also comes to the Nursery and is awaiting assessment for ASD. He settled in straight away which I couldn’t believe, and runs in every morning. He hasn’t been there long but is already playing more and bringing his bottle when he needs a drink.

A priceless service

I could not recommend Kids enough; the staff are outstanding and I couldn’t ask for better. To be able to leave your kids and not have to worry, knowing they will be safe and happy, is priceless.

My hope is for all my children to remain happy and healthy, and be the amazing children they are. I would love them to communicate in some way just so I can help them more. I wouldn’t change my boys for the world, I just wish they could stay kids forever. I can’t put into words how amazing Kids have been for my boys. I don’t know where we would be without them.

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