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Kian and Kylo’s story

Sarah and her boys attend Kids’ Family Group in Birmingham. Read their story.

Meet Kian and Kylo

Kylo is five years old and has suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He joined the Family Group at three years old. His brother Kian just turned three, is haemophiliac and has seizures. He is under a lot of medical professionals due to complications at birth.

We joined the Family Group mainly to help the children socialise with their peers, as they couldn’t previously because of Covid. This was their first time being around other children of a similar age and similar issues/concerns.

Singing & social skills

Kian’s singing has improved a lot – he now sings to himself he plays. He hasn’t really interacted with other children in the group session, but tolerates them in his space now. Kian has more interest in toys, books, items around him, and isn’t running and lapping the room anymore. He is definitely more vocal and his focus has improved.
Kylo has grown to interact more with adults and children, which really helped him when starting Reception last September.

Our hopes for the future

We hope Kian will settle at his specialist nursery, and that he will interact more with others. We want him to keep building his focus on specific activities rather than flit between things and watch. When it comes to Kylo, we want him to carry on settling in his mainstream school and to play with others effectively.

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