Short Breaks can relieve the strain on families and reduce stress of parents, whilst giving a child or young person an opportunity to explore new interests and develop independence. These short activity-based trips are designed in consultation with families and enable the child or young person to enjoy new experiences, meet new people as well as make friends.

KIDS has been part of a Short Breaks partnership group working together with the Council for Disabled Children, Action for Children and Contact a Family for the last year.

To learn more about Short Breaks and ideas for what you can do while on your Short Break, check out Georgia's, Mike's and Chelsea's Short Break stories. 

How does the service work?

Families that can access the Short Breaks through the local authority allocating hours or by purchasing hours directly.  The family then meet with the Co-ordinator and a short breaks worker and agree when they would like the breaks to be and the activities the child/young person would like to do.  We work in partnership with parents and professionals so that we can work together towards meeting the best outcomes for the child/young person and the breaks focus on the individual needs and wishes of the child.

Who is the service for?

Families with disabled children up to the age of 25 living in Walsall.

For children supported through local authority the breaks are for children up to the age of 18, however, if the service is purchased directly we can support young people up to 25.

How much does it cost?

This service is free when funded through local authority. 


Breaks can be arranged most days of the year, including weekends, but excluding main bank holidays, subject to the availability of the Short Breaks worker.



Monday 07:00-23:00
Tuesday 07:00-23:00
Wednesday 07:00-23:00
Thursday 07:00-23:00
Friday 07:00-23:00
Saturday 07:00-23:00
Sunday 07:00-23:00

How to access this service:

The service can be accessed via a referral from the local authority or families wishing to purchase Short Breaks directly can do so via the website or by using the contact details below.


KIDS delivers its Short Breaks services using its Direct Short Break website and telephone helpline. 

Phone: 0333 014 2990
Email: [email protected]