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Family Support Online

Expert support when you need it most to help your family navigate the complex world of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Our staff are SEND experts who can help you get the services you need.

Who is it for?

Parents / carers of young people with SEND anywhere in England.

When does it run?

Mon to Fri 09.00am – 5.00pm

How much does it cost?


How to access the service

Get in touch to book a call.

About this service

Finding the best way to help your child with SEND get the support they need and deserve can be a complicated and lonely journey. It can leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, like ‘the system’ is against you. All you want is for your child to be happy, supported and be given the opportunity to reach their potential.

Our Family Support Online service puts an expert in your corner. Imagine having someone to help with practical support and solutions, who understands your worries and frustrations and has navigated the complex systems many times before.

Side-by-side, we will help you to find your way through to get the best possible outcome for your child and your family.

For more information and to book a call please visit our dedicated Family Support Online website.


A parent says

“The co-ordinator was so easy to talk to and I felt like she really empathised with what I am going through.”