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South Bank SEND Sleep Service

Kids’ sleep services are a place of support, guidance, and comfort designed to help your family tackle sleep-related hurdles with confidence and care.

Who is it for?

Any child aged 1-18 living in North East Lincolnshire or North Lincolnshire or with a North or North East Lincolnshire GP.

When does it run?

One-to-one telephone sleep clinics throughout the year. Plus occasional online information sessions and face-to-face events.

How much does it cost?


How to access the service

Parents / carers can refer themselves. Or your child's GP or a professional can refer you.

About this service

Our highly experienced team of trained sleep practitioners is here to offer you guidance and strategies to address your child’s sleep issues. We recognise that parents often feel overwhelmed, exhausted and not sure what to try next. We provide a non-judgmental service where we recognise the struggles parents and carers face when dealing with children’s sleep problems.

We know that children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) might face unique sleep difficulties. From difficulty falling asleep to frequent night-time awakenings, we’re here to address it all.

Our Sleep Service is like a personalised sleep toolkit for your family. Through a range of methods, including one-to-one telephone sleep clinics, hints & tips videos, advice and guidance, we’re dedicated to finding what works best for you.

Our goal is to empower you so that you feel confident in helping your child or young person to sleep better, whilst also offering you the support and tools you need to manage sleep challenges as a family.

We’re here to share our expertise, understanding and support, for better sleep and brighter days ahead.

For professionals

We also provide training for professionals to help you identify and understand the challenges children face when they experience poor sleep. Please get in touch for more information about how we can support you or your team.

A parent says

“We are in such a better routine now with your help. We get more time together in an evening, which is amazing! Thank you.”

Contact this service

The best way to contact this service is to use the form below. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone or email.

Phone: 01482 467 540 

We ask for this so we can make sure you are eligible for this service
Keep in touch
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“It was so good to speak with someone with the lived experience of having a child with complex needs and thanks for your help, it’s been amazing!”

This is the Sleep Service’s Melatonin statement:

  • Research evidence has shown that there is variability in the content of melatonin “gummies” manufactured in the US and available on-line.
  • A study measuring the content of 25 brands of “gummy” found that some products contained up to 4 x the dose stated on the label.
  • Melatonin gummies can contain high levels of serotonin or CBD and deaths in children taking melatonin gummies have been reported in the US as a result of serotonin overdose.
  • Melatonin should only be taken under medical supervision and only if behavioural intervention has been offered.