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Reuben’s story

Reuben is four and has Down’s syndrome. His mum, Jade, shares why Rueben enjoys attending the Kids crèche and her hopes for the future.

Reuben is an outgoing and independent little boy, who loves song time! He also enjoys anything to stimulate his vision and touch senses (especially the sensory room) and loves going on his swing in the garden laying his ball pool and looking at sensory books!

Due to Reuben’s disability he struggles with many aspects of daily life including gross and fine motor skills for example walking and using cutlery/holding a pencil. He is non-verbal but use Makaton to communicate. Reuben also struggles with eating and drinking and is mostly tube fed.

We found out about Kids Crèche through a friend who is the parent of a child who had previously attended.

Kids help support us by giving us a few hours break each week so we have time to catch up on all the jobs you don’t get to do whilst caring for Rueben – or just to have a few hours rest from our busy caring responsibilities. They also offer great advice on services available.

Reuben has improved in all aspects of his development since starting at Kids. It has also given him a good way to socialise which other children. Every week Reuben gets so excited when we turn up to crèche! He enjoys everything about it and has become something for him to look forward to.

My hopes for Reuben are for him to eventually go on and enjoy school and find a job that he loves and enjoys. Kids is giving him these first basic steps for him to go on and achieve these goals.

Reuben is on a swing, laughing with his hands stretched out.

Reuben is lying down on a baby mat. There is a tube hooked in through his nose.

Reuben is playing in a ball pit.

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