Confirmed Inset days 2021- 2022

Monday 25th October- Closed staff training day

Friday 24th December 2021 - Monday 3rd January 2022- Closed for Christmas break

Monday 28th February 2022- Inset Day closed

Friday 8th April 2022- Inset Day closed

Thursday 21st July 2022- Inset Day closed 

2022-2023- dates to come 

Useful links & resources for parents

Welcome to Kids Nursery

Early Years Foundation Stage information

KIDS Policies and Procedures

Children's Health Helpful Links 1

Children's Health Helpful Links 2

Healthy Lunchboxes

Year R School Lunch Guide

Starting School Preparation Tips

The Importance of Reading from a Young Age

Sickness- should i be sending my child into Nursery

Mental Health

ICT - Early Years information and supportive links, ( Information and Communication Technology)

Letters to parents

October 2021 - parent information ref closure 

Communication letter March 2021


Safeguarding policy

Pre-accident form (please complete this form if you are bringing your child in with an injury from outside of nursery)

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