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London Marathon Fundraising: Terry’s Top Tips

Terry Gager, one of our London Marathon runners for 2021, shares his top fundraising tips.

Why I run for Kids

2021 will see me taking on my 10th London Marathon in loving memory of my beautiful son Riley, who asked me to run my first marathon in 2007 and when someone amazing asks you to do something amazing, you just do it!

Every one of these marathons has been to raise funds for Kids, who support disabled children like Riley. Kids is a charity that is very close to my family’s heart and supported us as a family in trying to work out what Riley was able to do (rather than what he could NOT do). They are truly invaluable to families of disabled children. So let’s raise some money and help them reach more families!

My top tips

You could say I am a veteran of marathon fundraising (I have raised over £30k so far over the last 10 marathons) so here are some key tips I can offer:

  • Engage your audience with your training
  • Do at least one big event
  • Be smart about when you ask for donations (twice a month is what I go for)
  • Make a big deal of saying thank you
  • Let people know how far you are from your target
  • Use Kids promotional videos/content

Some fun ideas

  • Funny social media updates about your runs (mine is labelled “diary of a supposed marathon runner” – I show them how awful I am at training but I am trying)
  • Help them pick your routes (“I need a route of 6 miles, any ideas?”)
  • Publicly thank people who have donated (tag on Facebook etc.)
  • Be open about the time you are expecting to get (“who will sponsor me if I beat 4 hours?”)
  • Hire a decent football/cricket/rugby/netball ground and get 25 people (mates and mates of mates) to pay £25 to play and make a day of it – stoke up some old rivalries! (please check latest covid guidelines)
  • Pub quizzes are always a great one (please check latest Covid guidelines)
  • I usually ask for donation via social media in the middle of month and at end of month (pay day!)

Don’t forget that Kids are always there to support you with ideas so don’t be afraid to get in contact with your local contact.

Photos of Terry and his son sit in a frame, alongside medals from Terry's previous London Marathons.

Terry talks about the impact of Kids on his family

Filmed in 2014.

Run the London Marathon

Take on the biggest marathon in the UK with team Kids. Together, we’ll show children and young people they can, even when the world says they can’t.