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Izzy’s story

Izzy* has Global Developmental Delay and attends our Birmingham Family Group. Her mum writes about their experience with Kids.

How we found Kids

Our daughter has attended the Birmingham Family Group for around seven sessions. She is two years and nine months old, currently diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay (GDD) and further investigations are being done. When we began she did not communicate or attempt to speak very much, but this drastically changed with our time at the group.

Our health visitor referred us because our daughter has GDD. They thought it would be good for her and for us as parents to gain some more information from the staff – who are brilliant – and other parents who attend the service.

Izzy’s development

Since coming to the group, our daughter has become more comfortable with different environments like playgrounds and soft play areas. Before joining we went on holiday and she didn’t cope well, but we have just been away again and she has been absolutely brilliant. I do think that is down to this group which has allowed her to grow in an appropriate setting.

I hope to keep attending with our daughter for as long as possible, as it’s helpful for both of us. It is the only place I know, other than our own home, which is safe for her and where we don’t have to worry about any judgement. I think this group will really help her journey at nursery and beyond.


*Izzy is not her real name.

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