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Ivy’s story

Ivy has suspected global developmental delay and autism, and is supported by our Wylde Green Nursery. Her mum shares what Ivy enjoys the most about attending the nursery and how Kids has supported her development.

We learnt about Kids through our early years support worker Sue Brown and she spoke so highly of the staff and the amazing work they do with the children.

I was so worried about sending Ivy to nursery but I’m so glad we did. Ivy has only been attending nursery for 10 weeks now and she loves it there. When we leave she’s perfectly content.

The staff are absolutely lovely and they develop special bonds with the children through working so closely with them and I love that. I know Ivy is being well looked after while in their care.

When Ivy’s at nursery her favourite thing to do is play outside. She loves going over the bridge and she enjoys the sensory room too. Since starting at Kids, Ivy has started to babble a lot more she’s trying so hard to talk. Her eye contact is much better now; she seems to be getting more confident jumping off small things now and catching things like small balls and bean bags. I’ve also noticed how much more loving she is. She will let you hold her now or sit on your lap – she never used to let us do this.

Kids is an amazing organisation because they help our special babies so much. Without them our children would be in a normal nursery not getting the help and support they need, especially the one to one contact. Kids is also there for parents providing guidance on how to help the child at home as well. I cannot recommend Kids enough.