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Isiah, Azekiel and Malachi’s story

Hear from Deborah, mother of Isiah, Azekiel and Malachi (15), who are autistic and attend Kids Hackney Playground.

My sons, who are triplets, first started coming to the Kids Hackney Playground with their primary school. I thought that once they grew older they would want to go to a different playground and meet new people, but that has not been the case. They always tell me they want to go to the playground. They definitely seem to be cheekier at the playground, and enjoy throwing balls and playing with their friends.

The Kids play workers are great, and I can see that they actually enjoy their jobs. I don’t trust anybody with my kids, but I trust them.

The children there are able to be children, and that’s so important especially for families with disabled children who have limited access to play spaces.

Another thing that makes Kids Hackney Playground such an asset is that it allows parents to take a break from their demanding caring role. When the boys are at the playground, I call it my cleaning day. It’s my chance for me to do the washing and tidy up in peace. The playground gives parents a peace of mind knowing that the play workers are looking after their child in a totally safe environment.

When the boys are there, they don’t notice each other’s disabilities. And that’s what’s so great about this playground – everyone is free to experience play their own way!