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Franco and Luciano’s story

Franco and Luciano both attended our Basingstoke Nursery. Their dad, Gary, talks about the support they received at Kids.

Meet Franco and Luciano

Our son Franco is four years old, has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and has attended Kids’ Basingstoke Nursery for two years. His younger brother Luciano joined him for his final year. Luciano has no special educational needs.

Getting support from Kids

We first heard about Kids Nursery from an Educational Physiologist, who we had called for help and advice about how to help our son Franco with his ASD. She suggested sending him to Kids Nursery. Looking back on this, it was great advice and definitely the right choice for our son.

Franco received amazing education and support from the Kids team during his two years at the Nursery. He went there as a non-verbal child in nappies, and two years on he is now verbal, can read and write and is fully toilet-trained. While he still has behavioural problems that are common to children with ASD, he is on the way to managing and controlling these thanks to great input from the Nursery team. Jane (the Nursery Coordinator) and staff have helped us apply and obtain an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) for Franco, which will help him significantly throughout his childhood and into adulthood. My wife and I are forever grateful for this.

Luciano has also gained strongly from his year at Kids Nursery. Staff have helped him learn how to be creative and clever through play, and how to form friendships and social relationships. Luciano has also been toilet-trained over the course of the year and we thank staff for their help and support with this.

Moving on

It has been an absolute pleasure for my wife and me to have our little boys at Kids Nursery. The care, early years education and support that the Nursery offer is excellent. Franco is now moving to infant school while Luciano is transferring to a nursery close-by, which will simplify the school run. We hope our children can continue to learn, progress and feel comfortable within their new education settings.

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