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Colby’s story

Jodie shares how the team at Kids’ Basingstoke Nursery has supported her son, Colby, in his development.

Why we joined the Kids Nursery

Colby was not meeting numerous milestones when he first started Kids Nursery in September 2021. Aged two, he had only just started crawling and was unable to stand without full support.

I chose Kids Nursery as it was recommended to me by his health visitor and numerous people from the team involved in and around Colby’s care. I also sought advice from other parents as Colby was unable to communicate and sometimes exhibited some challenging behaviours.

Colby had been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Global Development Delay and Periventricular Leukomalacia among a couple of other smaller diagnoses just before his second birthday. Thanks to the amazing team at Kids working in partnership with us as a family and with the support from physio and Occupational Therapists, as well as reports from paediatricians and neurologists, we were able to tailor a plan to steer Colby in the right direction through various meetings. Colby is now three, and is able to cruise around a room, he’s able to say many words and not get as frustrated with stuff he may not be able to do yet.

The support we received

The Kids team have been so fantastic; I couldn’t sing their praises higher.

Talking me through each stage, helping me move Colby on to a SEN placement as he was originally just funded for mainstream support, now also we are working towards an EHCP [education health care plan] for when he starts school in September 2023. The Kids team have also talked through the process of school placements and what they believe would be best for Colby.

Jane and the team made Colby feel so welcomed, made him feel like he wasn’t any different to any of the others more able in his class and have offered us so much support.

Having a child with disabilities sometimes can be so difficult when you’re having to take on all the different appointments and meetings that go hand in hand with that. Jane and the team made me feel like I wasn’t alone and no question that I had was too silly.

Colby has come on leaps and bounds at Kids Nursery. We couldn’t wish for more. Thank you, Kids.

Colby is sitting on the ground in front of a giant dinosaur's mouth.

Colby is lying on his back on a carpet. He is wearing a blue shirt.

Colby is sitting on top of a children's slide. He is looking at someone off-camera.

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