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Alex’s story

Alex attends our Hackney Playground. His dad, Dave, tells us what it’s been like for them.

Alex began attending the Hackney Adventure Playground about 6 years ago, and I am so pleased that it has had such positive impact. He’s done some great, creative stuff with Kids, and I like the fact that he can get as messy as he likes. There’s the freedom to not have to think about everything and just roll in the mud!

Alex has always found it difficult to be independent from me, but coming to the playground has given him the confidence to deal with other people and do things outside the house. The staff are aware of his particular needs and are always responsive to them.

It hasn’t always been easy. Until about a year and a half ago he would consistently try to escape from home, but going to the playground on a regular basis has made him become more resilient. It gives me great pleasure to see him develop and be given opportunities to experience things that other children get to as well.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t have thought he could spend time this much time away from me, but he always comes back from the playground wanting more.

Kids Hackney Adventure Playground is extremely important. For some parents, it’s a lifeline that keeps them sane. It’s a really valuable resource and it is essential that it keeps going and growing!

Alex is riding a bicycle at the playground. He is wearing a green jumper and dark trousers.