Kids Mediation for professionals

Our mediation team has experience of working with a broad range of professionals including educators, health and social care services, and local authority staff.

We know SEND legislation and processes, and we understand the pressures you are under.

We can make the process of mediation work successfully for everyone.

Education Providers

Early dialogue with education providers is crucial to resolving disputes at an early stage. The importance of education providers developing open, honest and trusting relationships with families is key. Often, education providers attend mediation to provide information on the needs of the child or young person.

We will provide guidance and support to education representatives so you feel confident and understand your role in the Mediation. Your role is not to take sides but instead to share information.

Disagreement resolution can be requested by schools and colleges for most school/college based disputes involving children and young people with SEND whether they have EHC Plans or not.

The Local Authority must make the availability of DR services known to parents, young people, head teachers, governing bodies, proprietors and principals of schools and post-16 institutions.

Details of disagreement resolution arrangements must be set out in the Local Offer.

“A huge thank you for your support yesterday. It was at times a difficult meeting so your calm and patient Mediation was invaluable.”

Head Teacher

Health and Social Care services

Parents and young people can go to mediation about the health and social care elements of an EHC Plan.

The National Trial gives the SEND Tribunal power to make non-binding recommendations for health and social services in addition to binding rulings for education. The Trial has led to increased involvement of health/social care staff in SEND Mediation and

DR as a more collaborative way of resolving disagreements and avoiding lengthy and complex Tribunal hearings.

“This was my first mediation and my overall experience has encouraged my participation in further mediation meetings as I can see such benefits for the child and family.”

Health representative

Local Authorities

Kids’ award-winning independent mediation and disagreement resolution service exceeds all the statutory requirements of the Children and Families Act 2014 and helps parties resolve disputes effectively and quickly. We are the provider of choice to over 40 local authorities nationwide.

Young People’s Participation

The Department for Education have jointly commissioned Kids with the Council for Disabled Children to deliver a national participation programme with disabled children and young people, and those with SEND. Find out how Kids can support local authorities to support young people’s participation.

“I have been very happy with the service provided by Kids to our local authority. Mediators have always acted in a professional and impartial manner, helping parents and professionals to navigate their way through what can be a very challenging conversation, in order to achieve agreed outcomes. Under COVID-19 restrictions, face to face meetings morphed easily into on line virtual meetings which were equally well managed by mediators. The service is effective, productive and well supported by their admin team.”

Local Authority SEND Manager

KIDS’ Training Offer

We have a range of training modules for professionals – regardless of whether the LA you work in has a contract with Kids or not. Most are delivered online to enable easy participation and cost savings and they can be tailor made to meet your specific training needs. Our training is delivered by one of our service managers and / or experienced SEND mediators.

Standard modules include:

  • SEND Mediation Awareness training/workshops (for CCG and Social Care Staff and Education Providers)
  • SEND Mediation Awareness with Q&A Session for parent support organisations
  • How to prepare for and participate in SEND Mediation
  • Conflict Resolution Skills

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with a schedule and quote.