Donate clothes and other items

How does it work?

Kids partners with two companies, Help 2 Collect and Fundraise Together, to collect your unwanted clothes and other items. Click on the arrows to find out more.

About the service

Help 2 Collect offers free home collections for your unwanted clothes, shoes and other items. They donate £100 to Kids for every tonne of donations collected from your home.

Areas covered

Donations are collected in London, Essex and the surrounding areas. A full list of postcodes is available below.

IG, RM, E, SS, NW, HA, W, WD, UB, TW, SW, KT, SM, LU, AL, SL, HP, N, EN, CM, SE, CR, BR, DA.

Is Help2Collect a legitimate partner?

Yes! Help 2 Collect has been supporting Kids since 2016 and so far, they have donated more than £33,000.

Which items can be collected?

Help 2 Collect can pick-up clothing, shoes, handbags, belts, toys, jewellery, perfume, lightweight curtains, towels, books, electronic equipment, CDs, DVDs, audiotapes, and more.

Click here to see the full list.

Which items cannot be collected?

They do not accept furniture, carpets, mats, rugs, heavy curtains, quilts, duvets, pillows, or bad quality/wet/ripped/mouldy/stained items.

How can I book a collection?

You can book a collection by calling 020 3903 9349 or filling their website form.

About the service

Fundraise Together collects unwanted clothes from your doorstep and donates valuable funds to Kids.

Is Fundraise Together a legitimate partner?

Yes! Fundraise Together is a commercial partner of Kids. They have guaranteed to donate £27,000 to support our services, starting from 2019.

What happens to my clothes?

Clothing is sorted in the UK and sent to other countries, depending on their climate, to be reused by people who cannot afford to buy new clothes.

Areas covered

Their collection teams operate across the UK and are normally in an area every six weeks. Look out for one of the branded Kids & Fundraise Together bags coming through your door to find out when they will be back in your area.

How can I book a collection?

You can book a collection by calling 0330 004 0593.