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Information & advice

School meetings

Attending a meeting about your child at school can be difficult. You’ll get the most out of a school meeting if you are prepared. Our guide will help you think through what you want to get from a meeting and how to approach it.

What are school meetings for?

School meetings happen for various reasons.

If you child is receiving SEND support in school this support should be regularly reviewed and you should be invited to attend these meeting.

If you have questions  or are concerned about your child’s progress in school you can ask for a meeting with the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) at the school.

Attending a meeting

Parents that we work with tell us that they can often find meetings with their children’s schools emotionally, overwhelming and even frustrating.

Our guide on how to make the most out of school meetings could help. This advice can also be applied to meetings with Early Years settings, colleges and as part of the Education, Health and Care Plan process.

In-depth guide

Our in-depth guide will help you get the most of our school meetings.