Young people’s SENDIASS

Are you 25 years old or younger? Do you need extra help with learning or do you have a disability? Our SENDIAS services may be able to help you.



SENDIASS stands for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Service.

A SENDIASS service can help you understand what support you should be getting and tell you how you can ask for more support with learning in school or college.

Here are some important things to know about SENDIASS:

  • Free: the service does not cost you any money.
  • Confidential: the people you speak to will not tell other people what you have said, unless you have agreed that they can or you are at risk of being hurt.
  • Impartial: the people you speak to won’t take anyone’s side but will help you make your own decisions.
  • For you: you can use the service on your own or with your parents or carers.

Contacting SENDIASS

You can get in touch with SENDIASS by:

  • phone
  • email
  • Facebook

There is a SENDIASS in your area. You can find out how to contact the service in your area by typing your postcode into the box below.

Useful guides

Click the links below to read some guides that have answers to common questions.

If you would like more general information about what SENDIASS is and what it can help with, the Information Advice and Support Services network has lots of useful information.