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Personal budgets

A personal budget is money that your local authority pays towards support that a young personal with special educational needs and disabilities needs. There are various types of personal budget available. In this guide we explore them all.

What is a personal budget?

Finding help when you or your child have Special Educational Needs (SEN) can be challenging. Having a personal budget can give you the support  to receive the care you need.

A personal budget is money that your local authority will pay towards any educational, social care or health needs you have. People who provide care can also receive personal budget. The local authority will assess your needs first to decide whether you are eligible for a personal budget and, if so, how much money you should receive.

The money in your personal budget can be paid directly to a care provider or it can be paid to you. If it’s paid to you it’s called a direct payment.

Types of personal budget

There are different types of personal budget for different needs.

  • EHC personal budget: an EHC personal budget is an amount of money per year that may be allocated to your family from your local authority to cover the cost of making a special educational provision specified in the EHC plan (Education Health and Care Plan).
  • Social care personal budget: a social care personal budget allows you to receive any social care and support you may need. Your local authority decides if you are eligible for a social care personal budget to help with any social care and support you may need. This is determined through a needs assessment.
  • Personal health budget: a personal health budget is an amount of money given to you to support your health needs, which is planned and agreed between the recipient or their representative and the local CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group). The personal health budget is not new money, but it may mean spending money differently so that you can get the care you need.
  • Carer’s well-being personal budget: not to be confused with a carer’s allowance. A carer’s personal budget (also known as a carer direct payment) is a sum of money paid by your local authority’s Adult social care department. The money is to help carer’s pay for things which will help them in their caring role.

Our in-depth guides on each type of personal budget have lots more information on what the money can be spent on and how to request a personal budget. Download them below along with our personal budget infographic.

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In-depth information on Education Health and Care Personal Budgets

Social care budget

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Personal health budget

In-depth information on Personal Health Budgets

Carer's personal budget

In-depth information on Carer’s Wellbeing Personal Budgets

Personal budget infographic

A handy infographic summarising the different types of personal budgets that you can download and print.