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Tommy’s story

Tommy started at Basingstoke Nursery in July 2021, after moving on from another nursery. Read his story below.

Tommy started at Basingstoke Nursery in July 2021, after moving on from another nursery. By then he had already been diagnosed with social communication difficulties, alongside sensory and repetitive patterns of behaviour.

Tommy often walks around the room without his mum and goes to a familiar adult for cuddles. Our staff members have supported Tommy to explore and try a variety of activities to enhance his development. Right now he loves to play with puzzles!

When he first joined the Nursery, Tommy didn’t eat much at lunchtime. Over time staff learned to give Tommy a quiet area to eat his food, as being on a larger, noisier table was often overwhelming for him. We are pleased to report he now eats more at lunchtime.

His speech has come a long way. Tommy repeats words he hears and sings songs to himself. The team is also working alongside his mum to introduce Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) to support him to communicate and make choices.

In September 2021 Tommy had a seizure at nursery and staff followed first aid procedures and called an ambulance. Tommy was taken to hospital and tested for epilepsy over several months. During this time, staff monitored Tommy throughout his sessions and made observations during what was thought to be absence seizures, which mum has passed on to consultants. The nursery also supported Tommy’s mum during his autism diagnosis.

Earlier this year the nursery applied for an EHCP, following which Tommy got the school placement his mum wanted. He started school in September 2022.