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The Big Give 2022: one donation, twice the impact

Kids aims to raise £40,000 this week to support disabled children, young people and their families. We are excited to be part of The Big Give campaign (29th November – 6th December), which means that every donation we receive during this time will be doubled.

It’s an amazing opportunity for us to address the practical and emotional needs of families with disabled children, to make sure they don’t feel left behind.

If you can help us to reach our target, your gift will be worth twice as much.

About our campaign

After the lockdowns, staff and parents of pupils attending special schools reported poorer pupil wellbeing, particularly greater anxiety and deterioration in social skills.

Although for many, life has reverted closely back to normal, disabled children, young people and their families are still facing these pressures. Many have struggled to integrate back into society, feel disconnected from friends and now the cost of living crisis is adding to their anxiety and worries. This simply can’t go on.

That’s why we’ve launched the Kids Big Give campaign to expand our services for those who need our help. All proceeds will go towards supporting the wellbeing of families in these unprecedented times.

Can you help us?

Any donation you make will be doubled, so donate today to ensure disabled children, young people and their families are supported.

“I have faced so many barriers, life has not been easy and transitions have been hard. I have experienced challenges that nearly made me give up, my mental health at breaking point and I found things difficult to cope with. Kids offered me a safe space, without them things could be so different.”

One donation, twice the impact.