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Summer activities at Kids: 2022 highlights

It’s been an action-packed summer at Kids, with children and young people taking part in a variety of activities. As summer comes to an end, we’re highlighting some of their favourite moments.

Play Day 2022

On 3rd August, children had the time of their lives attending Play Day events.

The Hear Me Out group travelled to Bridlington beach where they took part in team-building activities and games, before discussing ideas to develop the group. They took this opportunity to celebrate their achievements so far, having worked hard to help improve services for young people with SEND.

Three young people are sitting on a wall by the beach, with their arms up in the air. They are all smiling.

Four young people are standing in front of a shop, eating ice cream. There is a staff member behind them.

Meanwhile, the Hull team set up their tent and welcomed families to play with coloured rice, enjoying sensory activities on a warm summer day.

Two children are kneeling on the ground, playing with coloured rice and toys which sit in a large container.

A child with blond hair is playing with coloured rice and toys which sit in a large floor container.

A child in a yellow t-shirt is standing between two women on stilts. They are dressed as scarecrows.

Fun times at Dudley Playscheme

Week one of the Dudley playscheme saw young people experiencing a range of activities, from arts and crafts to snake-handling and bouncy castles.

A young person said, “I loved building a fort with the soft play and playing with my new friends.”

A child is sitting indoors on a chair. The child is holding a snake and smiling at the camera.

A child is holding up a painting they made. The painting has a rainbow background with fake butterflies layered on top, and splashes of paint.

A child is playing outdoors with circus items. The child is standing on individual feet pedestals with handles.

Farm day at Basingstoke nursery

Goats, rabbits, ponies – families said hi to a large group of furry friends during their visit to Basingstoke Nursery. Parents had expressed interest in seeing animals at the nursery, so staff members brought the farm to them!

A staff member is standing under a tree and holding a goat in her arms. She is wearing a blue t-shirt and is looking at the camera, smiling.

A woman is holding onto a baby goat. Behind them there are trees and an enclosure with another goat.

Sport days for young carers

As well as farm and cinema trips, our young carers have been keeping fit by canoeing, building rafts and climbing. One climbing wall was particularly challenging for some, but everyone got their feet off the ground which was a fantastic achievement.

A young carer is taking on a climbing pole. The young carer is wearing knee-length shorts and a t-shirt. They are held up by a safety harness.

Young carers are standing in line while wearing lifejackets and holding onto paddles. In front of them there is a canoe and an instructor explaining how to use it.

A young carer is climbing up an outdoors climbing wall.

Young carers welcome Silly Scott

Our young carers‘ summer activities started with a visit from the wonderful magician Silly Scott. The girls then got ‘tattoos’ and made badges, while the boys chose to play on the Wii, make Lego creations, and play a game of pool and Jenga.

Young carers are taking a group photo with a magician, who is standing behind them with his arms stretched out.

Two young carers are playing pool. In the background, more young carers are sitting around a table.

Young carers are sitting around a table, making badges. In the background there are young carers and a staff member sitting on sofas.

Basingstoke nursery graduation

Families gathered to celebrate the achievements of children who left for school, or moved rooms within Basingstoke nursery. For many children, this was their first party since lockdown one.

One parent said, “Thank you so much for all the support and love you have given [my child]. Graduation was such a special end to an incredible era at Kids.”

Staff members are hosting the graduation party. One staff member is standing on a wooden stage with a makeshift podium.

A family of three is sitting on a bench. Behind them there is a fence and a party flag banner.

Hear Me Out at Sewerby Hall

Young people from our Hear Me Out YPEG had a brilliant day at SewerbyHall and Gardens. They enjoyed time together and did some filming with the East Riding Local Authority to create a video with the theme of ‘Young People Achieving’.

They also ‘turned the cameras’ on the LA team to capture what they learned by coproducing this video with young people.

The Hear Me Out group taking a selfie with a staff member. Some of them are lifting their arms up and giving thumbs up.

Young people are posing outside, the blue sky behind them. They are giving thumbs ups and lifting their arms in the air.

A snapshot of Sandwell playscheme

This year’s Sandwell summer playscheme included a circus and drumming workshop, t-shirt painting and a visit to Huggle Pets. With so much fun and laughter, the children did not want the scheme to end.

a child is sitting with a staff and making art. In the background there are two other children.

A child is about to pet a guinea pig. There is a staff leaning over him to support.

A staff member is playing on the floor with two children. There are toys on the floor.

Barbecue with Kids Yorkshire & Humber

The end of August saw our Loud Mouths and Hear Me Out groups finally meet. They had great fun making wind chimes, bird houses, bird feeders and sensory planters. It was fantastic to see both groups mixing, and the young people said they’d made new friends in each other.

Loud Mouths and Hear Me Out YPEGs posing together under a Kids gazebo.

A young person and two staff members are sitting on the grass, cheering. In the background there are more young people sitting around a table.

Superhero Tri

On Saturday 20th August, a team of young people and staff members took on the Superhero Triathlon. Between them they swam 400m, cycled 10km and ran 2.5km. Josh, who attends the southern Young People’s Participation Team, was asked to be their official press photographer/videographer and did a fabulous job. Watch the video he created below.