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Mitchell’s story

Mitchell’s mum talks about their experience at our Lincolnshire Nursery and Holiday Club.

I am the mum of two boys aged 15 and 9 who both have physical disabilities and learning difficulties including Autism and Brunners Syndrome.

I first came to know about Kids when my younger son, Mitchell, was referred to their nursery by his speech therapist. At that time, I was struggling in mainstream toddler groups as the younger babies were so much more advanced than Mitchell and I was finding it very hard taking on this journey for a second time.

Mitchell was offered a place at the Kids nursery and the help I received was more than I could have imagined. Help with paperwork, a quick chat when things were tough and alongside this Mitchell loved it, he came on in leaps and bounds and we both made new friends. What I also found a life saver was that Mitchell could have his other appointments, like physio and speech and language when he was at Kids already, which took the pressure off having them all at home – as at times you can feel very invaded.

Our journey with Kids didn’t end there. As Mitch got older, he and his brother Billy started to access the Holiday Clubs – trips within the community and holiday clubs based at Mitch’s school with loads of different great activities and as always, lovely staff full of enthusiasm.

Kids is a massive part of our life. If it wasn’t for them life would be a lot more difficult. I really can’t put into words or give Kids enough praise for what they did and still do for us. Knowing your vulnerable child is in safe hands is priceless.