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Isacc’s story

Isacc is four years old and attends our Family Group in Birmingham. His mum, Leanne, tells us about the improvements she’s seen in Isaac’s communication skills.

Meet Isacc

Isacc is four years old, has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and had brain surgery in May 2021. He has hydrocephalus and is under a consultant at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. We started using the Birmingham Family Group in October 2023 after a referral from the Health Visitor.

Social skills & flash cards

We have seen a huge change in Isacc’s speech. Before he only used a few phrases, but now he says full sentences and can answer simple questions. I also feel he is getting better socially with other children and adults. He has made friends within the group and we have exchanged numbers to meet during the holidays.

The introduction of flash cards by Emilie (staff member) has dramatically helped us as a family, as we now use them at home and when out at Drayton Manor for example. We use them to show him the rides so he can pick the ones he wants to go on. We have symbol cards for everything. We didn’t think it would work for transitions, as we had tried lots of things before, but this has been amazing for Isacc.

On the way up

The group has been so helpful and supportive since we started, and with their help we have had Isacc’s parental Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) come through. Our hope is for Isacc to build on his speech and social skills and to access a school suitable for his needs.

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