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Faith’s story

Faith has two boys who are autistic. She explains how they have thrived at Kids’ Basingstoke Nursery.

Our children started attending Kids respectively in October 2020 and January 2021.

We found out about Kids through Hampshire Council and decided to give it a go after conducting some research. We found that the setting had a remarkable reputation for caring, nurturing and teaching. They also had access to lots of professional who could provide advice on the children’s needs. All of this made it easy for us to entrust our children to the Kids setting.

Right away our children enjoyed bonding with the staff, who almost became like a second family to us. They are all kind, polite and always helpful.

Our children also enjoy outdoor play in the garden area, including the car, the bike, the seesaw and the little pool table. The sensory room at Kids is another treasure haven, our older son totally adores it as the lights and music keeps him calm.

At Kids our children became more open, friendly and calmer because they were able to communicate their need to adults and feel seen, heard and understood. They were always eager to come into the setting and mostly never wanted to leave at closing time. They also started enjoying reading time, maths, and music.

We found the team at Kids extremely supportive of our children and of us all as a family. The managers were hands on, kind and proactive on providing support. The team periodically conducted a risk assessment and a mitigation plan to keep on children safe on site, which was really impressive. Invariably, they became like a second family and support system to us. Jane and the team were exceptionally supportive closer to the arrival of our new addition, and they helped prepare the boys to properly welcome our little one.

They were always ready to help, advice and support even at short notice because they care. This made the over-all experience truly heart-warming.

Overall, the value of the services Kids provides to our community is immeasurable. They have built a setting that is trustworthy, understanding and supportive of the SEN community, and for this we are extremely grateful.

*Faith is not her real name