KIDS have successfully been working with young disabled people around issues of Relationships and Sexuality issues for many years; through discussion groups and staff training.  We believe that young disabled people should have access to appropriate and accessible information as well as the chance to explore a range of issues such as forming relationships, personal space, public and private situations and drugs and alcohol.  Young people tell us there is not enough sex and relationships education for young disabled people and what exists currently does not meet their needs.

Because of this, a group of young disabled people who have come through our Relationships and Sexuality Group in the South West have been formally trained to lead and facilitate discussion groups, with appropriate support.  They share their own knowledge and experience to help improve the understanding and confidence of their peers.  Our Young Facilitators can deliver peer to peer sessions in any setting: schools, colleges, youth groups etc.

The peer to peer sessions are run for young disabled people aged 13 – 25 in groups of up to 15 young people.

Having the young facilitators helped our pupils to understand the issues can effect everybody. The delivery with games, activities and open forum for speaking and listening was perfect.


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