Since 1977, when partnership with parents was at the core of our set up, KIDS has invested in its partnership ethos, recognizing the mutual value to be derived from effective partnership working.

KIDS capitalises on the power of partnership working with clearly agreed underlying principles aligned to the values of all partner organisations.

We undergo partnership formation to meet both national and local needs, recognising there has to be benefit for all partners, and we are open and transparent in discussing and agreeing what that is. 

We look for opportunities for complementary services that provide a better experience for our children, young people and families, alongside a cost effective solution for commissioners. 

KIDS currently partners as prime provider, equal partner, or sub-contractor, using the most appropriate partnership model to be able to: 

  • Offer comprehensive national coverage and reach
  • Secure services in adjacent sectors – Palliative care, Continuing health care, Mental health and wellbeing
  • Meet local and regional need responding to local commissioning preferences
  • Publicise and endorse Inclusion

Adhering to these principles and approaches to true partnership arrangements with organisations that deliver high quality services is crucial to KIDS and the fulfilment of our mission to support and give disabled children, young people and their families, a brighter future. 

KIDS will initially establish a Memorandum of Understanding with prospective partners, and then formally agree a lead/sub-contractor contractual arrangement at commencement of delivery.

KIDS is always open to new partnerships aligned to these principles – please contact Katherine Shaw, National Operations Director 

Read more about KIDS partnerships here.