How does the service work?

Our play schemes provide days of adventure for disabled children and young people. Wokingham Play and Leisure enables children and young people aged between 7-13 to make new friends outside of their usual friendship circle and enhance their social skills along the way. It has a dedicated and highly trained team of staff who support and encourage young people to reach their full potential.  The sessions offer centre based activities as well as days out, including swimming, soft play and visits to local attractions.

Who is the service for?

For young people aged 7-13.  This service can provide benefits to a young person which includes improved emotional health, communication skills and increase in self-esteem.  It can also benefit the parent/carer with maintaing the balance between parenting and caring, and family life.

How much does it cost?

£12.50 per session


Only during the school holidays:

Day Time
Monday 10.00-16.00
Tuesday 10.00-16.00
Wednesday 10.00-16.00
Thursday 10.00-16.00
Friday 10.00-16.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00
Sunday 10.00-16.00

How to access this service:

Referrals for Wokingham Play and Leisure can be made directly by parents or via professionals.


Phone: 01344 453266
Email: [email protected]