Wakefield Awareness Support Project (WASP) is funded by Wakefield CCG and is a collaboration between KIDS and Barnardo’s. The service is unique in its approach to supporting children and young people’s emotional wellbeing, particularly where a young person experiences anxiety and low mood as a result of an Autism Spectrum Condition or where not diagnosed but identified social, communication and interaction difficulties or other neuro-developmental disorders. WASP offers two distinct complementary elements which work in collaboration with each other to support both the parents/carers and the young person with a bespoke package of support.

How does the service work?

Following the initial gathering of information the Participation Coordinator will discuss their individual needs and adapt the offer to these.

To support parents this may include a weekly phone call, Expert Parent experience training, Triple P on line training course for parents or where restrictions allow covid safe groups. The aim of this intervention is to provide peer to peer support to allow parents with lived experiences to support others and to build resilience/confidence to allow parents to support their young person in seeking appropriate support in the future.

The support to children and young people might include Lego Therapy sessions, work around The Big Life journal and resilience, transition support, self-esteem work and sessions involving the development of a therapeutic relationship. As covid restrictions allow there will be covid safe groups introduced as part of the intervention.

Plans around the desired outcomes for the family/young person will be identified between parents and the child or young person with the practitioners. Intervention practitioners will then work with the child or young person and their parent to provide time limited interventions to support their wellbeing and resilience including signposting to other available services.

Who is the service for?

The aim of the project in Wakefield is to work alongside existing commissioned services to identify young people who require targeted support around their emotional wellbeing in order to prevent a deterioration which may require more potentially intense intervention.

How much does it cost?



Office hours Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm

Individual therapy sessions are organised with the family at a time that is convenient to them.

How to access this service: WASP is a targeted service and is accessed by referral via Wakefield Early Support Advice Information Liaison WESAIL Barnardos. WESAIL is the first stop for Wakefield families in terms of information, advice and support. Referrals to WASP can be made by parents to WESAIL or by those working with families with parental consent. WESAIL can be contacted on  01924 304152 /07961897036 [email protected]


Phone: 01924 683890
Email:  [email protected]

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