Being Chairman of KIDS since 2016 has been the honour of my life. 

KIDS is an extraordinary charity which does an enormous amount to support disabled children, young people and their families. It certainly helped my son Joey and our family when he was younger. Like so many people involved in KIDS, I have lived experience of disability and am deeply committed to the cause.

Families of disabled children often face very real challenges and I’m thrilled that KIDS is developing its remarkable ‘navigator’ scheme, a way of helping families find a way through the confusing SEND system. Please help me raise funds to support this.

Can you donate today and help more children with our Early Years provisions? 

£185 could fund a SEND Navigator providing a full day of rounded support to families, including sensory sessions for children, emotional wellbeing support for parents, siblings and carers and expert guidance on accessing professional and financial support
£500could fund five specialist support group sessions for preschool children to help them with their development.

£925 could fund a SEND Navigator for a week, so that families have someone helping them to navigate through the early years with a disabled child.