Short Breaks can relieve the strain on families and reduce stress of parents, whilst giving a child or young person an opportunity to explore new interests and develop independence. These short activity-based trips are designed in consultation with families and enable the child or young person to enjoy new experiences, meet new people as well as make friends.

To learn more about Short Breaks and ideas for what you can do while on your Short Break, check out Georgia's, Mike's and Chelsea's Short Break stories. 

“The service is invaluable to our family. Our worker is reliable and totally fantastic and feels like part of the family. Thank you for its provision.”

How does the service work?

South Gloucestershire KIDS workers take the child or young person out into a community setting, such as to the cinema, bowling or to the local swimming pool. This enables them to have a positive experience whilst giving their families a break from their caring responsibilities. Alternatively, a KIDS worker can care for the child or young person in their own home while the rest of the family go out, or accompany a family on an outing supporting all members of the family to have an enjoyable shared experience.

Families that are referred by the local authority will be allocated a number of hours of break per month. This gives the family the flexibility to arrange support for their child/young person when they most need it. Before any breaks are arranged a KIDS' member of staff will visit the family to ensure that we appropriately understand the needs of the child/young person and their family. At this meeting we will arrange when the service will be delivered although this can be varied on agreement with the worker concerned and the coordinators.  Our delivery is regularly reviewed and closely monitored by the service coordinators.

The service can be used in one of three ways or a combination of them. 

  • Inclusion - A regular worker will take a disabled child/young person  out and about in their local community to access activities of their choosing and to try new things
  • Support at home- A regular worker will look after a child/young person  at home either alongside the parent, while the parent rests or does other things at home or while the parent goes out
  • Time for you – A regular worker will look after a disabled child/young person and their siblings at home while the parent goes out.  This is usually in the evening.

Who is the service for?

Parents, carers or families with disabled children and young people aged 0 - 18 living in the local authority of South Gloucestershire. 

How much does it cost?

Cost: Free when funded through local authority. 


Breaks can be arranged most days of the year, including weekends, but excluding main bank holidays, subject to the availability of the Short Breaks worker.



Monday 07:00-23:00
Tuesday 07:00-23:00
Wednesday 07:00-23:00
Thursday 07:00-23:00
Friday 07:00-00:00
Saturday 07:00-00:00
Sunday 07:00-23:00

How to access this service:

All services are currently accessed by referral from the local authority - the cost of the break will be covered by the local authority. 


Phone: 0117 947 6111 
Email: Sara Liebow