After School Club

The club offers the young people who attend somewhere that is stimulating and where they can be active and have the freedom to either be high energy or relax and unwind in ways that they freely choose.

Who is it for? 
Children from 4 to 12 years old.

A healthy snack is provided in which the children are very hands on; they work together to make a meal for them all to share - developing important key life skills whilst having fun.

They have the support of knowledgeable, experienced and caring staff who promote independence, play, social and emotional skills, ensure boundaries are clear and fair, and importantly keep them safe.

The children are in control of their play and they direct what they do around the routine. After school club maintains the same routine from session to session so the children feel secure and know what to expect, they recognise when it is time for swimming or making snack, group time and special time.

Saturday Fun Club

The club is all about getting the young people out in the community to enjoy activities like swimming, bowling, Intech, Catching the train, public bus,  building on important skills they need to access these places, handling money, walking longer distances, noise tolerance and waiting, all with the care and support of our experienced staff team.

Who is it for? Children from 4 to 12 years old

The club also has fantastic fun sessions on the school site captivating the children’s imaginations and meeting their needs to play and interact at a level they are capable of.

  • Hydro pool
  • Interactive soft play area
  • Light and sound sensory room
  • Bouncy castles
  • Outside adventure play area
  • Computers
  • Role play, Messy Play, Art and Crafts

Holiday Play Schemes

The Play Schemes offer an action packed, challenging environment for children where there is never a dull moment.

Who is it for? Children from 4 to 12 years old.


Activities The activities are planned around the children’s needs and interests giving them the opportunity to try something new and exciting including
Indoor skydiving, Massage and foot spas, Donkey rides, Chessington, Ice Skating, Skiing and some more familiar favourites like Bowling, Swimming, Bouncy castles, Marwell Zoo.

The list is endless and we are continuously  looking for things for our young people to try and achieve at their own pace all with the support of our knowledgeable, experienced and caring staff who empower, reassure and encourage the young people.

How to access the services

Self referrals can be made direct to KIDS or to your social worker. Young people need to have a Hampshire Gateway Card. You can apply for a card here:

Places are allocated as fairly as possible and cancellation/waiting lists are in use. We will inform you of dates in advance and make clear which sessions your young person has been given.  


Senior Practitioner Scarlet Lane 07584 529174 [email protected]