Short Break services can relieve the strain on families and reduce stress of parents, whilst giving a child or young person an opportunity to explore new interests and develop independence. These short activity-based trips are designed in consultation with families and enable the child or young person to enjoy new experiences, meet new people as well as make friends.

KIDS has been part of a Short Breaks partnership group working together with the Council for Disabled Children, Action for Children and Contact a Family for the last year.

To learn more about Short Breaks and ideas for what you can do while on your Short Break, check out Georgia's, Mike's and Chelsea's Short Break stories. 

How does the service work?

KIDS works closely with families throughout the whole of Portsmouth. Although we are based in Fareham we have a local co-ordinator who can set up a home visit with you and answer any queries directly.A paid carer provides one-to-one support that enables a child/young person to access a range of community or leisure activities. The support worker may also accompany the family on an outing or hospital appointment etc. All our work for families is geared to your personal circumstances, so this service does vary from family to family.       

Who is the service for?

KIDS covers children with all levels of disability, from 0-to 25 years in Portsmouth.Children and young people must be signed up and eligible for Short Breaks from Portsmouth city council, or be able to pay through Direct Payments / Personal Budgets or self-funding.

How much does it cost?

The referrals are generally from the local authority but if you wish to use your direct payments or self-fund, our hourly rate is £15.00 per hour.


Breaks can be arranged most days of the year, including weekends, but excluding main bank holidays, subject to the availability of the Short Breaks worker.

How to access this service:

There are 2 ways in which you can access our service: 

  1. Referral – Contact Portsmouth city Council for an application form. You will then be sent a letter, information sheet and voucher allocation informing you of the number hours allocated. The amount of time available to use is determined by Portsmouth city council. 
  1. Directly – The service can also be paid for using Direct Payments / Personal Budgets or self-funding.

If you wish to use your direct payments or self-fund, our hourly rate is £15.00 per hour.


Phone: 01329 312312
Email: [email protected]