We are extremely grateful for the support provided by our corporate partners and are always keen to make sure each partnership is mutually beneficial. Partnering with KIDS provides brand association with a well-known national charity, particularly to families and parents. We will make sure we tailor the partnership to help you meet your CSR / community goals. We also provide a range of promotional activity to create awareness of the support provided by our partners.

What we can offer:

Brand awareness
Being a medium sized national charity that supports disabled children, young people and their families, we have a high level of brand awareness and trust with parents and families across the UK. With over 125 services delivered in communities across the UK, you can be sure that KIDS will be working to support disabled children in the communities in which you serve. 

We are a very lean and cost-efficient charity: for every £1 we spend, 92p goes to frontline services; this insures that your support has a great impact on the families we support


Our network
As one of the leading disabled children’s charities in the UK, KIDS comes in contact with thousands of families each year. Providing direct services also means that our 280 plus employees and almost 700 support staff leave a positive impression of the work we do. With a growing awareness of KIDS across the UK and increasing involvement across new media channels such as our website (c108,000 annually) and social networks (c20,000 supporters) we can help you connect with a family audience whilst promoting the benefits you provide to KIDS. 


A range of funding options
Most of the services provided by KIDS are directly managed and run by KIDS staff, we have over 20 sites across England which include 4 playgrounds, 11 nursery and crèche centres, 2 residential short break centres and 5 regional offices. So whether you are looking to fundraise for our services, volunteer a team to improve our sites, purchase care and play equipment or provide your time and knowledge, we can match our activities with your CSR goals.


Dedicated account management
All our corporate partners are assigned a single point of contact regardless of size. Your account manager will work with you to develop a fundraising plan that incorporates your goals and ideas to make sure it fits with your CSR aims. 


Dedicated PR support
Our in-house communications team are on hand to support our partnerships. We have various packages to make sure you get the most out of the partnership and with our extensive national reach across families and professionals; we can help you communicate more effectively with your target demographic.


Support for employee volunteering
Engaging your staff in your community initiatives is a great way to build staff loyalty and boost morale. We have a range of ways to encourage staff involvement and with over 20 locations, there’s sure to be a KIDS location close to you.


Click here to find out more about how we can engage your staff or contact Michael Koudounas at [email protected].