Our overnight Short Breaks centre on providing high quality residential breaks which meet the individual requirement of each young person irrespective of their disability or condition. Children and young people can be referred for anything from one night a month to up to 75 nights a year depending on the assessed need. Bookings are made in consultation with parents or carers and staff members always endeavour to ensure that friends can come together on these overnight breaks. This gives the opportunity for everyone to have as much fun as possible whilst in our care.

Each setting has a welcoming environment and staff use their skills and knowledge of each child to personalise their rooms for each of their stays. The settings are as much like an ordinary home as possible, with specialist equipment unobtrusively available to maximise independence. Only small numbers of children or young people stay at any one time, creating the feeling of a sleepover.

While parents and siblings have a break from caring, disabled children and young people can enjoy new activities as well as meeting a wider social network – helping them to develop social and life skills. The overnight short break services empower young people to have a voice impacting on the services they receive, as staff support them to design their own care package including an exciting range of outings and activities.

Our overnight Short Break services:

    1. Russell House