KIDS has a long association with adventure play and proud to sit on the Trustee board of the Lady Allen Trust.

The Trust is made up of Trustees from not just KIDS but also from IPA (international play association) and OMEP (an international early year’s organisation). Lady Allen had a key role in establishing all three organisations. The Trust was established in 1978.

The Lady Allen Trust is a small organisation, offering several grants of approximately £1,000 per year to play practioners, who wish to travel to expand their knowledge, raise awareness and make new contacts. The aim of the award is to support and enhance individual’s professional development in the play world with the aim of enhancing and improving their practice back in their own work environment.

The Trust does not support attendance at conferences, electives or research.

The award is open to any play worker within the UK.

The Trust meets three times a year at the Thomas Coram Foundation to carry out its business with awards being made in March of each year. The travel and work of the  recipients has to take place during the rest of that particular calendar year.

In 2017 the Lady Allen Trust made one award. This was made to Ana Ardelean an IPA EWNI member who has been an active play worker in the Leeds area for several years now. Ana travelled to Uganda for several weeks in September of this year. She worked alongside the East African Playgrounds organisation supporting them, along with other local communities with the building and future development of playgrounds in Uganda. Ana intends to establish long term contacts and exchanges with the people she has met.

Ana will be providing the Lady Allen Trust with a written report of her time in Uganda so we will try to include aspects of this in the next edition of Commewnication.

Adverts and calls for applications are now out for the 2018 awards. If you are reading this then do consider making an application. The deadline for applications for the 2018 awards is the 31st January 2018. Applications need to be sent to the secretary of the Trust.

For further information on the trust and application forms you can go to;

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