A special thanks from Rosie, KIDS Hayward Adventure Playground Deputy Playground Manager, to Music for All for their ukuleles donations.

"We at the Hayward Adventure Playground would like to extend a huge thank you to Music for All for providing us with ten ukuleles for our musical activities! These ukuleles have enabled our young people to learn a musical instrument and play together.We serve a community who are often unable to access mainstream spaces and have therefore missed out on musical activities which are available to other young people. It has been wonderful to witness how these ukuleles have provided not only new experiences and skills but also lots of joy in the playground.We have been really surprised by how our different young people, with varied needs, have interacted with the ukuleles. Many of the young people enjoy the sensory nature of the instruments, enjoying the feeling of the vibrations and the pull of the strings. Others have spent hours practicing chords and songs, making huge progress on the instruments. Together we are building up a nice portfolio of songs. It's also been a joy to get the young people and staff singing along - especially with Christmas songs just around the corner!A lot of the young people we serve have very challenging lives. On the ukulele they can learn songs quite quickly and they are left with a glowing sense of achievement. It also helps with hand eye coordination and concentration. The instruments often have a really calming and peaceful effect in the space, and we are really grateful to have them. Thank you again."