KIDS at 50

Welcome to KIDS’ 50th Anniversary

For 50 years, KIDS has worked alongside disabled children, young people and their families.

We’ve directly helped many thousands of children and young people, supported their families and worked creatively to provide support in the way that’s right for each individual We’re delighted to share examples of our achievements over five decades; stories from families we’ve supported, young people who have used our services, trustees who have guided our work and staff who have dedicated their working lives to championing the needs of disabled children.

We have a gallery showcasing some of the events we’ve organised and from some of our services over the years, messages of support, and a timeline (coming soon) illustrating a snapshot of some of our achievements in each of the decades.

As the anniversary year progresses we will be adding more content so please do check back regularly. And if you spot a gap or have a story to share we’d love to hear from you!

Caroline’s son, Logan, is supported by KIDS Hull playschemes and SENDIASS. She talks their journey with KIDS and the special worker that has changed their lives:

Our special KIDS worker

“I would like to say KIDS has been the best support my family and I have received. Being involved in the KIDS play scheme has meant that we can go out and socialise as a family with the amazing workers and likeminded families. Linda who organises the activities is amazing. Our KIDS worker Rosemary Foster from the SENDIASS service,  has gone above and beyond for my family and I in supporting my son who is autistic. She has stuck by us and supported us when others did not. She willingly gave her time during her work hours, during her evenings and her holidays.

Getting Logan into the right school

2019 was an extremely difficult year for my family! My son, Logan, is very complex so we went through an extended diagnostic process and Rosemary was there every step of the way. Rosemary has done so much for us that I cannot express my appreciation to her enough! Her support included hours of assistance with collecting evidence for three separate Local Authority diagnostic assessments. She even drove my family and I all the way to Goole (on her day off) for my son’s final Autism assessment as she was aware I needed her support. Logan’s diagnosis is Autism, sensory dysfunction and Dyslexia so the Education Health and Care Plan Rosemary assisted with means he can now attend school happy and with the support he needs.

Inspired to help others

My own mental health has suffered through this four year ordeal but thanks to Rosemary’s support , I am finally in a good place. Rosemary, Linda and everyone else at KIDS have inspired me to help others I’m hoping to become a befriender for the KIDS service and possibly do SENDIASS training with the KIDS Hull forum group so I can support other parents who are in the position I was in.

Rosemary Foster is amazing and she is selfless and passionate about helping SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) children and families is . She does this even though she has past the point at which she could have retired. She is always cheerful, loving and caring. Rosemary has changed our lives so much. I wouldn’t have managed without KIDS Hull by my side.”