Support for families will include:

  • Information and advice on key issues: routine, behaviour, sleep, eating, emotional well being​
  • Sensory activities​
  • Play in the home​
  • Connecting with professionals including Early Support and Inclusion Service, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language​
  • Support to access Nursery and transition ​
  • Support to access Birmingham Forward Carers support ​
  • Support to apply for funding e.g., DLA ​

Support for professionals will include:

  • SEND Network: City wide network to support communication and peer support across the city
  • Online information and workshops ​
  • Telephone advice/information and follow up support   ​

How does the service work?
Families are referred to the service through Birmingham Forward Steps.

Who is the service for?

Families with children under 5 with SEND with a diagnosis or on a diagnosis pathway and not already accessing early years education.

How much does it cost?

No Charge

Availability: ( days & times scheme runs)

One to one support at agreed times with families.  Telephone support available Tuesday and Wednesday 10-4.

How to access this service:

Referral through Birmingham Forward Steps partner


[email protected]

Phone: 0121 8286047