KIDS has been commissioned by the Council for Disabled Children over the last four years to provide Independent Support for parents, children and young people.   The Independent Support programme was always intended to be a time limited resource, supporting the transition from Statements to Educational Health and Care Plans, and will come to an end on 31 July 2018. 

KIDS been proud to be part of this programme which has enabled our staff to support 1000’s of families. From August 2018 advice and support will continue to be available to families through their local SEND Information, Advice and Support Services (SENDIASS) and also through the national Contact helpline.

Find information about  SENDIASS here   

Independent Supporters are trained to help families and young people through the new Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) assessment process. Our approach is to provide support which is flexible to meet your family’s individual needs which includes offering advice on the telephone, face to face meetings, home visits, and joining you in attending meetings in schools or with other professionals.  

 Our Independent Supporters will: 

  • Listen to you and your child or young person
  • Meet with you to explain the process, find out what’s working well and what you might like to work better
  • Help you to start thinking about your aspirations for your child and what’s important for the future
  • Provide support during meetings
  • Help to make sure you and your child’s views are heard and understood by all involved
  • Work with professionals to help gather any information relevant for the assessment
  • Help to explain professional reports and recommendations
  • Help with any paperwork, including the draft Education, Health and Care Plan
  • Help parents and/or young people to understand the local referral processes for services and the local offer
  • Support young people who are in further education with a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) who may wish to request an ECHP assessment

Our Independent Support services:

 With support from DfE, Independent Support has produced two short animation films, which can be used by local authorities, front line services, professionals and parent groups in their communications with parents and young people. The purpose of the animations is to help explain the EHCP process and its important relationship with the Person Centred Connection.

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