Home Learning or Portage  is a home visiting educational service for pre-school children with additional support needs, and their families.

Home Learning offers a framework of support with regular home visits, by a trained practitioner. After sharing your understanding of your child’s individual gifts, abilities and support needs a Practitioner will visit your home weekly to look at what your child does and work with you to plan fun activities that will take your child onto the next step of their development.

Home Learning Practitioners specialise in breaking down developmental aims into small, achievable steps using play as a tool. This helps children who may be having difficulty achieving specific skills in key areas. The activities, with supporting equipment, are left with you to work on with your child during the week. The key to home visiting is the partnership between the family and the practitioner.

In order to help children through these steps, learning activities are planned for each child based on his or her current strengths and agreed priority areas of development.

Our Home learning services:

  1. Camden Home learning
  2. Southwark Home learning