Short Breaks can relieve the strain on families and reduce stress of parents, whilst giving a child or young person an opportunity to explore new interests and develop independence. These short activity-based trips are designed in consultation with families and enable the child or young person to enjoy new experiences, meet new people as well as make friends.

KIDS has been part of a Short Breaks partnership group working together with the Council for Disabled Children, Action for Children and Contact a Family for the last year.

To learn more about Short Breaks and ideas for what you can do while on your Short Break, check out Georgia's, Mike's and Chelsea's Short Break stories. 

How does the service work?

Harrow KIDS workers take the child or young person out into a community setting, such as to the cinema, bowling or to the local swimming pool. This enables them to have a positive experience whilst giving their families a break from their caring responsibilities. Alternatively, a KIDS worker can care for the child or young person in their own home while the rest of the family go out, or accompany a family on an outing supporting all members of the family to have an enjoyable shared experience.

Who is the service for?

Parents, carers or families with disabled children aged 0 - 25 living in the London borough of Harrow.

How much does it cost?

£18.99 per hour




Monday 07:00-23:00
Tuesday 07:00-23:00
Wednesday 07:00-23:00
Thursday 07:00-23:00
Friday 07:00-23:00
Saturday 07:00-23:00
Sunday 07:00-23:00

How to access this service:

There are lots of ways to access the service. You can either access the service through your social worker (CYADS), or you can contact us directly (Direct Payments).

Our Short Breaks are delivered through our Direct Short Break Service using the online portal for Short Breaks, or our telephone helpline.  

It doesn’t matter if you are using direct payments, a personal budget, or hours assigned to you by the local authority, our Direct Short Break Service makes it easy for you to find a worker in your area and to book a break.


Phone: 0207 359 3635
Email:[email protected]