From 1 September 2014, SEND reforms have come into place to ensure children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities get the support they need. But what will this actually involve?

Education Health and Care plan (EHC)

Learning Difficulty Assessments and Statements of special educational needs will be replaced. Each child will get given a plan for all their educational, health and social needs. These will have a bigger focus on future aspirations to help children and young people achieve their goals. The different organisations that provide educational, health and care support will have to work more closely together to make sure children and young people get the best support.

Local offer

Local authorities will now be able to provide a list of what services are available in any given local area, called the Local Offer. In the next few months you will be able to find out what is applicable to your situation, including support within schools, specialist health, leisure activities and transport facilities. Services provided by KIDS will be included if they can be found within the local authority. 
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Personal budgets

Parents with a child or young person on an EHC plan can now request to own the budget for their child’s needs, and pay direct to the services themselves. The amount of money provided to each parent depends on the local authority’s assessment of the child or young person’s needs. This allows families flexibility to choose the services themselves.

Independent support worker

Government funded independent workers will be available to support parents for the next 2 years through the changes. These can be applied for through the local authority.

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