Call us on 020 7359 3635

Email: [email protected]

Post: KIDS London, SEN Mediation Service, 7-9 Elliott's Place, London, N1 8HX

Requests for mediation can come from:

  •   Parents
  •   Local Authority Officers
  •   Parent Partnership Officers
  •   School staff
  •   Other parties, such as voluntary agencies.

No paperwork is required. Simply phone or email us or, alternatively, complete a referral form. Please see below for our referral form, which you can download and return to us.

A member of staff will take details of the case and if both parties to the disagreement agree to take part in mediation, a date will be arranged, and the mediation will proceed.

Please note that Local Authority Officers, Parent Partnership Officers or any other third parties must have permission from parents/ carers before passing their details to the KIDS London SEN Mediation Service. Guidance for Local Authorities (click here)